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Real estate

Levy deborah
Editeur : NC
Date de parution : 13/04/2021

[ean : 9780241268018]

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Three bicycles. Seven ghosts. A crumbling apartment block on the hill. Fame. Tenderness. The statue of Peter Pan. Silk. Melancholy. The banana tree. A Pandemic. A love story.''br>From one of the great thinkers and writers of our time, comes the highly anticipated final instalment in Deborah Levy''s critically acclaimed ''Living Autobiography''br>''I can''t think of any writer aside from Virginia Woolf who writes better about what it is to be a woman'' Observer on The Cost of Livingbr>Following the international critical acclaim of The Cost of Living, this final volume of Deborah Levy''s ''Living Autobiography'' is an exhilarating, thought-provoking and boldly intimate meditation on home and the spectres that haunt>''I began to wonder what myself and all unwritten and unseen women would possess in their property portfolios at the end of their lives. Literally, her physical property and possessions, and then everything else she valued, though it might not be valued by society. What might she claim, own, discard and bequeath? Or is she the real estate, owned by patriarchy? In this sense, Real Estate is a tricky business. We rent it and buy it, sell and inherit it - but we must also knock it down.'' br>''Wise, subtle and ironic, Levy''s every sentence is a masterpiece of clarity and poise... A brilliant writer'' Daily Telegraph on The Cost of Livingbr>''Extraordinary and beautiful, suffused with wit and razor-sharp insights'' Financial Times on The Cost of Living>

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